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Payment Terms
Children from 3 months to 5 years will be accepted on a first come first served basis but priority will be given to siblings. The registration form must be completed indicating the days required and registration fee of £50 (non-refundable) per child paid. The nursery manager will then call you to confirm if a place is available. If you choose to accept the place please do so in writing enclosing the final month’s fees per child. Places will be guaranteed on receipt of this registration form and final month’s fees. The final month’s fees will be used to pay for the last month your child attends Nursery, providing there are no outstanding fees owed. Should you choose not to take the place once accepted the final month’s fees will not be refunded. Payments should be paid on the third working day of each month. The first month’s fees must be paid prior to starting. Annual payments by cheque or credit card may also be made in advance. The annual option is non refundable should you wish to cancel your place during the yearly period. If you wish to change the times or you change your mind once you have written and accepted a place please note°

  1. The final month’s fees are required to confirm your child's place at the nursery. If you delay the start date once you have accepted a place then unless we can fill the place the final months fees will be deducted . We reserve the right to charge from the original start date if the correct notice is not given. 
  2. If you choose not to take a place the final month’s fees will not be refunded but the registration form can be returned to the waiting list until a place becomes available.
  3. Days are confirmed based on availability at the time they are offered. Any changes in days or reduction of hours will be considered as a new request which can only be re confirmed against available days.
  4. If a child starts and then leaves the nursery within four months the final months fees will not be refunded. If payments are late than a 5% charge per week will be added to the monthly fee. Failure to pay fees regularly will be regarded as a serious breach of the terms and conditions and may result in the termination of the child’s place.  

Making Changes to Nursery Days
Please notify the Nursery Manger in writing giving two months notice if you wish to change the number of days you require. As days are initially confirmed at the offer stage which is based on availability at the time a request to change or reduce the days after your child has started the nursery has to be considered as a new request which can only be confirmed against the availability at the time of the new request.  

Illness and Holidays

Should your child be taken ill or go on holiday we do not offer a refund. If the Nursery has to close due to ‘an act of God’ or conditions beyond our control we do not offer a refund. Little Crickets do not accept any liability for any pecuniary or other loss suffered by you arising directly or indirectly as a result of the nursery being closed or the non admittance of a child for any reason.  

Pricing and Reviews

The fee prices are changed from the first day of the month after the child’s second birthday and again when the child reaches three years. Nursery prices are reviewed regularly. Parents/carers will be given one months notice of any changes to the fees.  

Notice Of Termination

Two months written notice is required to cancel a place at the nursery. We reserve the right to terminate your child’s place if a serious breach of the terms and conditions occurs. A child’s place can also be terminated if it is considered to be in the best interests of the nursery or the welfare of other children. Examples are: use of foul language, abuse of staff, failure to pay fees regularly, continuous late pick ups.

Late Collection Of Children
As the nursery already has extended opening hours late collection of children will cost £10 for every ten minutes or part thereof up to £30 per half hour. Children may not be left in the nursery after 6.30pm and an additional fee of £50 will be incurred on top of the half hourly rate. If a child is still in the nursery after 6.00pm and no contact has been made with the parent /carer the emergency contact will be called. If the child is still at the nursery at 6.30pm and no contact has been made we will notify the emergency duty team at the local authority services department.

Opening Hours
Open from 8.00am until 6.00pm Mon – Fri 50 weeks of the year.
Closed All Bank Holidays and the Christmas and New Year period.

Food and Drink
Breakfast, snacks, lunch and high tea are provided. Parents/carers whose children have special dietary requirements must declare this on the Information Form. Our Allergy procedure will be available for members to see on registration.

SMA, Cow & Gate & Aptmil Formula milk and nappies are provided.

Key Person Role
Once your child has started Nursery, a Practitioner will be assigned as a key person to your child. The role of the Key Person is not to be the child’s primary care giver, but is the person responsible for tracking and monitoring progress against the EYFS framework.

Extra Curriculum Activities
The EYFS curriculum will be followed at all times. Other optional activities such as swimming, tennis and studio classes will be provided at an extra cost and with prior notice to parents/carers.

Any child suffering symptoms as described in the Sickness and Illness Policy cannot be brought to the nursery and must be kept at home for the required exclusion period. Should your child develop such symptoms whilst at the nursery we will contact you and request that you collect your child.
We adhere to the OFSTED policy for the administration of medication.

Health and Safety
The health and safety of your child is at the core of all the policies and procedures we have at Little Crickets. By law we follow the standards set by OFSTED and all our staff are fully qualified and have passed the appropriate CRB checks. We do work in partnership with parents during suspected instances of child abuse or neglect. However, if necessary, the local child protection team may be informed and this can happen without parental/carer consent. 

Normal day clothes should be worn although smocks and aprons are worn during wet or messy activities. Children can get dirty when being creative so parents are required to bring a change of clothes in case of accidents or spillages. Please label all clothing. Little Crickets cannot accept any liability for lost items of clothing/property.Unmarked clothing will be put into lost property but please note all uncollected articles are disposed of after 21 days.

Employing Staff
Parents/carers must agree that they shall not at any time throughout the continuance of this agreement or for a period of six months after this agreement terminates, directly or through an agency, employ an employee with whom they have had dealings with at the Nursery. In the event that a parent/carer does employ a member of staff an introductory fee equivalent to six months of the salary will be payable to the Nursery.

All our policies and procedures are kept in a folder in the Nursery reception for parents/carers to read. Any updates/changes will be notified by e mail or letter.

Changes to the Terms and Conditions
The terms and conditions will be reviewed and may be subject to change or amendments.
We reserve the right to update/amend these terms and conditions at any time.

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