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Little Crickets

Nursery Haven in East Molesey

Little Crickets is part of the Pavilion Club, East Molesey's premier health club and Little Crickets is now also a nursery haven for your child.

We're accepting confirmed places, if you'd like to ensure your childs place please contact us now on 020 8979 2800 or download and complete our registration form.

Sarah Sanders

Nursery Manager

Daily Smiles

Key Policies

Communication, discipline, food and illness

Safety is the first priority at Little Crickets. All our day to day policies and procedures have safety as their first principle, but we also know how important communication is in understanding your child’s needs and providing feedback to parents on behaviour, diet, nutrition and illness.

All our policies are available on request and are displayed on the noticeboard outside the managers office.


The daily activities that take place in the different rooms will be displayed on the white boards outside each room on a daily basis.

As we are linked to the Pavilion Club, we have access to some fabulous facilities such as the swimming pool, studios, outdoor space, garden, tennis and play area. Little Crickets will ensure that your child enjoys a variety of activities, well beyond that laid out in the EYFS curriculum, which forms the foundation for all activities in the nursery.

Swimming lessons in Butterfly & Papillon room

Tennis lessons in Papillon room

We have Jitterbugs in Papillon

every Monday during term time


Opening hours

Hours: Monday - Friday 8.00am to 6.00pm
Closed All Bank Holidays and between Christmas and New Year (please ask for details)

We're accepting places, ensure your child's place contact us on 020 8979 2800 or complete our registration form.